Stress-Relieving Exercises.

A day at job can be stressing; there is a deadline to be met, the boss needs you to attend a team work forum, and back at home the kids need to be taken to school and cooked for. Handling all these can be overwhelming. This requires you to look for stress-relieving exercises so that at the end of the day, you go to bed stress-free.

Here are some exercises that can help you to wipe out the day’s stress

Deep relaxed breathing

Look for a quiet place free from any distraction and breathe deeply regularly. Loosen up yourself by removing any tight clothing and shoes. You can do this lying on a bed or the floor or seated on a comfy seat which supports your head comfortably. If you’re seated on a chair, place your arms on the chair arms and if you’re lying down, place your arms on the side of your body with your palms up. Keep your legs a little bit wide apart if you’re lying down and if you are seated on a chair, try not to cross the legs. Start breathing in and out in a regular rhythm. Use your nose to breathe in and let the air out through the mouth. As you breathe in slowly and regularly, count from one to five. Let the air out slowly while still counting one to five. Do this repeatedly until you feel calm.

Muscle relaxation

  • Stretching different body muscles relaxes them, releases body tension and relaxes the mind too. Start this by focusing on deep breathing first. You can play music on to enhance the relaxation. While focusing on deep breath relaxation, work on different muscle groups as explained below:
  • Legs- push your toes away and then back towards the body, then relax.
  • Arms- stretch them away from the body and then bring them back as you relax.
  • Chest- Breathe in and out gently, letting air to fill the lungs and then letting it escape through the mouth to deflate the stomach.
  • Shoulders- shrug them towards the ears and let them relax as you release them down towards the feet.
  • Face- as even you are frowning, push your eyebrows inwards and then release them.
  • Fingers- stretch out the fingers and allow them to get relaxed.
    Lie with your eyes closed after the relaxation for some time. Once you feel you are ready, stretch yourself and get up.