Types Of Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are simply physiological tests, which help in determining whether a female is pregnant or not. In fact, this is the first step, which should be taken by a woman during her journey towards motherhood and it is considered vital. To make the journey easy, advancement in technology offers a broad range of examinations. They range from over-the-counter kits to those used in clinics. In this post, you will learn different types of pregnancy tests and their useful features.

Over-the-counter tests

These are tg23erdf6y7edcu82regarded as the most convenient types of pregnancy tests. Over 95% of them are urine-based, and they can be used at home by the patient herself. It contains a stick and a urine cup that helps to find out whether you are pregnant or not. You will find the procedure to be very simple. You are required to pee in a cup and submerge the stick into the urine for a given period. You can learn more about these tests at https://www.facebook.com/yoursugarfreepregnancy/. Instructions are clearly mentioned in the instruction booklet.

If you are not comfortable with this type of kit, you can try another cleaner way of determining the pregnancy by putting the stick in urine pour out when urinating. The stick determines the presence of hCG pregnancy hormone. The presence of this hormone is an indication of pregnancy.

Clinical tests

These are tests carried out in clinics or hospitals. The good thing about these tests are known to be more reliable than conventional methods. This is because they are carried out by trained professionals. In this case, a blood sample is used. The majority of couples go for these tests. This type of pregnancy test is built on the determination of hCG hormone.

These teg23erf6vyed7fu28i22sts have their advantages. For instance, they can be done a few days after possible conception. They offer accurate results. Also, another benefit of undergoing this test is the ability to find out if there are problems or complications in pregnancy. In such a case, the doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment and medication as soon as possible. The main drawback of these tests is the high cost. They are relatively expensive. Nevertheless, they are the safest and most reliable pregnancy tests.

You should note that pregnancy comes with its share of responsibilities. Ensure you choose not only the appropriate pregnancy test but also undergo the required examinations and education.…