Health Benefits Of Horse jumping


Most of the casual horses riding observers are usually convinced that all a rider has to do is sit there while the horse does all the work but this is far from the truth. In fact, anyone who has ridden a horse before will tell you that there is more to the horse jumping experience. You can click on the highlighted link for the history of horse jumping. Apart from keeping you fit horse jumping comes with a lot of health benefits and here are just but a few.

Mental exercise


Your first experience with a horse might seem like you are learning to stay on and steer the horse. However, when you get past this experience, you will realize that many learning opportunities present themselves and there will be more questions than answers raised, and this is something that the experienced equestrians will admit. Research has shown that horse jumping exercises the brain and in turn keeps it young and supple.

Flexibility and muscle tone

Along with the core muscle, pelvic muscle and the inner thigh tends to get the biggest workout once the rider has achieved a comfortable position. Also, riders are required to maintain a squatting position as they make adjustments to the cadence of the horse, and such an exercise helps in the overall flexibility and muscle tone.

The body awareness

The good thing about horse jumping is that it works well with the rider’s core muscles and this stabilizes the pelvic muscles, back, abdominal and the trunk. However, it’s always isn’t about the core strength but rather stability and coordination. The more you are used to riding the more the body learns to move with the horse


When riding a horse, there are instances where movements need to happen simultaneously for the horse to be properly guided and this is what coordination is all about. Over the years therapeutic riding programs have been developed for sight-impaired individuals and have achieved great success in attaining better coordination.

Burning calories and muscle development


Although you would not quantify the amount of calories you can burn from horse jumping to running, you will still burn a decent amount while riding. In most cases, the calories you can burn will depend on your age, weight and the gait you are riding. Also, burning calories requires a particular set of muscles, and this is an excellent way to build a unique set of muscle. Also, you will notice that most riders will usually have an exquisite back, leg and abs muscles.